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Pillow Talk — How to get your best night’s sleep.

Pond Mountain Inn

ID-100302372Our guests have always remarked about their wonderful sleeping experience at Pond Mountain Inn and with recommendations from our guests, we have now moved to a four pillow configuration on all our beds. Our recent pillow investment did not undergo the rigorous analysis found in a recent Wall Street Journal (4/28) article titled, For a Good Night’s Sleep, Think More About Your Pillow, however, we made thoughtful choices based on the sleeping needs for the sophisticated traveler. Below are the article’s highlights.

Stuffed with stuffexplains the benefits of how your pillow should align the hip, back and neck to keep the spine as straight as possible.

Position MattersChoosing the best pillow by understanding the benefits of knowing if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper 

Cool it downFind out why coolness of your pillow is so important…

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Keep Healthy Tip – Why You Should Air Out The House

ID-10022963In the south we have the heat in the summer which means most homes are running the Air Conditioner 24/7. Winters up North mean most likely you are running your heat as much as the south runs their AC in the summer. With your home closed up for such a length of time, cooking odors, pet odors and more build up. A stuffy home can lead to colds, flu, potential headaches, allergy flare ups and more.

Here are some tips to help keep the air fresh and clean and cut down on illness.

Breath In The Fresh Air
When weather permits, pop open a few windows for a least 10 minutes and give the house a good airing. If its summer, do this in the morning when it is not so hot.

If you are a pet owner you know that dander has to exist in your home. For people that are allergic to animals, cats, dogs, are more likely to have reactions because of the dander. Dander is the shedding of old skin cells similar to humans with dandruff. It is very small and circulates in the air, clings to furniture, draperies and wall coverings. You can help keep down the dander with an air purifier and even the smaller ones can filter as much as 99% air in a small room. They also help keep up on mold and dust.

Green Plants Are Your Friend
Plants not only look fabulous in the home but also clean up the air by balancing the ozone levels. Eucalyptus plants minimize odors and gives out a refreshing odor. Try putting a stalk of this plant in your car and leave it for a day as a natural purifier for odors and help your car smell fresh.

Not Aerosol, Grab the Pump
Why use aerosol when just about everything now comes in a pump bottle. When an aerosol product goes into the air it can cause mild to moderate lung irritation, including asthma like symptoms.

Don’t Push the Dust Around
Keeping down the dust helps tremendously. Just by dusting with a damp cloth, you can get 93% more allergy particles then with a dry towel or feather duster. Tip: Always dust before you vacuum that way your cleaning up the dust instead of spreading it around.


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Idaho Potatoes Get a Check Mark From The American Heart Association

ID-100165404The American Heart Association has declared that potatoes are a heart healthy source of food. I guess my grandmother knew what she was doing, because she served boiled potatoes for just about every supper.

Here are some healthy facts about the potato.

Potatoes contain more antioxidants then broccoli.

Rare Nutrients
They have rare nutrients called kukoamines which may help lower blood pressure.

Vitamin C
Not crazy about fruit? Grab a potato. One potato has 45% of the awesome fat burning and disease fighting Vitamin C.

Get Your Fiber
Don’t peel off the skin and you will get 7 grams of fiber from just on large potato.

If you are watching your diet, add a dollop of plain yogurt instead of sour cream or use a fat free version of either. Cut out the butter by adding olive oil or your favorite flavored oil and you could also add a spoonful or more of salsa for more flavor!

See here why Idaho Potatoes are are certified by the American Heart Association and have been given the Heart-Check Mark.

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Keepping Healthy – Walk Off The Pounds

ID-10034790If you work at a computer or a job that requires a lot of sitting time and your noticing your putting on a few pounds, consider the lack of exercise you may be getting. It’s easy to get caught up in researching online, catching up on your email, or getting a project done and not realize the time just flies.

I know I can be guilty of skipping breakfast by getting involved with marketing and research that before I know it, I am so hungry and its well into the lunch hour. I do not believe in skipping meals to lose weight. I believe a balanced diet and exercise is healthy.

I totally believe in taking walks and have been doing this for years. I have noticed it helps me maintain my weight and at times have shed a few pounds. Not only do you get those awesome benefits from walking, but also you are giving your body the ability to produce oxygen rich blood for balancing appetite hormones and feel good endorphins.

The hot summer weather makes walking a bit harder with the heat and humidity, even sometimes unbearable in the evenings. I have invested in a treadmill for days like that and believe me it’s well worth it!

Tip: Go walking with your wife, husband, kids, a family member or friend. Its a great bonding time and a chance to talk in the busy lives we live in. I have a couple of friends who will give a call some evenings when the weather allows, and when I think, no I don’t feel like walking tonight, the call inspires me and I am glad I went.

Gabi over at ittybittypositivitycommittee commented that she uses an App called MapMyRun on her phone when she goes out walking to log her distance and time. Thanks Gabi!

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Healthy Indian Spices To Improve Your Health by The Family Dining Room

The Family Dining Room

177744463Spices from India not only infuse a meal with rich flavors, but also possess health-giving properties — and there is real science to back up this assertion. Take a look at some healthy spices you might have been taking for granted.

Aromatic Ingredients for Health

Many cooks use ginger root or powdered ginger in stir-fries and baking. Ginger is already the base for popular teas. Pregnant women safely chew ginger biscuits or slices of candied ginger to relieve sickness. Many parents believe in the power of ginger ale to provide comfort to children with motion sickness or a stomach bug.

Scientists now know why your mother’s remedy works. Ginger root helps the gastrointestinal tract digest and absorb food more quickly. This spicy root also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Consumers are not recommended to use it in place of medical diagnosis or treatment for pain but to complement arthritis medication, for…

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Don’t Be Bullied – Learn to Be Bully-Proof

ID-100103332“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”…

This famous nursery rhyme from The Christian Recorder, March 1862 tells a person to walk away from the bully, don’t listen to their words they do not apply to you. The bully is the one with the problem. When the words “but words will never hurt me” turns into “sticks and stones may break my bones” the line has been crossed from emotional hurt to violence and that is what happened to 14 year old Austin.

I came across this incredible video from the Gracie Bullyproof Program who helped Austin in September 2012. Austin was blindsided and beaten badly by a bully at school. Even though Austin physically healed from the beating, he was in a bad place emotionally, living in fear. In this video you will see how the Gracie Academy transformed his life in 1 week through the art of Jiu Jitsu. This transformation taught him how to defend himself, gave him confidence and so much more.

Viewer Discretion is advised

Have you, your child, a friend or another family member been or are going through being bullied? This may be helpful for you.

Learn more about the Gracie Academy

See the statistics for bullying for 2014

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This is not a paid endorsement for the Gracie Bullyproof Program

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Measles Outbreak – Vaccination MMR – What You Need To Know

ID-100139604I understand the decisions a mother has to make for their child’s health and welfare, raising two of my own. You want the best for your child and if you think there is a threat of them getting autism from a vaccine that is supposed to benefit their health, sure you are going to have a tough decision.

I have family members and friends who became new moms in the past few years that were concerned about the rumor that MMR – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination could cause Autism. I was asked if I had my kids vaccinated when they were younger. (My kids are now adults) Of course I did. Why would I want my child to suffer from a disease that can be prevented. I told them of a friend who contracted Polio just a few months before the Polio vaccination came out at the age of two. She has suffered from what that disease did her entire life. Would her mother had gotten the vaccination, you bet.

According to the Centers for Control Disease and Prevention (CDC) a 2004 study states:
“Additional studies and a more recent rigorous review by the Institute of Medicine have found that MMR vaccine does not increase the risk of autism.”

Are you aware of what the Measles can do?

From the Mayo Clinic
Signs and symptoms for Measles appear 10 -14 days after being exposed to the virus.

This includes:
Dry cough
Runny nose
Sore throat
Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)
Tiny white spots with bluish-white centers on a red background found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek — also called Koplik’s spots
A skin rash made up of large, flat blotches that often flow into one another
The infection occurs in sequential stages over a period of two to three weeks.”
Read more about this Here and look to the side bar for Causes, Risk factors, Complications and more.

Get the Facts

According to the CDC in 2014 there were 644 cases of measles the highest since year 2000

At the end of December 2014, 59 cases of measles was linked to an outbreak at a Disney amusement park in California. January 1st – 30th of this year 2015, there have been 102 cases of measles reported in 14 states with many of those people who got the measles not being vaccinated.

Read the article at for history of Measles in the US going back to when the vaccine came out in 1963 and what is happening today.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe in vaccinations? Add your comments below…


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