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Quick Tip – Easy Energy Reviving Bath Salts Homemade Recipe

ID-10043311Need a pick me up? Suffering from sore muscles?

Mix these two ingredients – 1 tsp loose peppermint tea with 1/2 cup of Epsom salts and add to bath water.

The magnesium in the salts mixed with the beautiful aroma of peppermint help relax the sore muscles and give you a boost of energy.

Relax and Enjoy :}


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Quick Tip – How To Pick Blouses and Tops to Make You Looking Fabulous


Its not just the color or pattern of a top or blouse, it is how it is going to fit on you.

When looking for just that right blouse or top, consider the shape of your face.

If your face is round go for a scoop or V neck top that will help elongate your face.

A longer face shape can be balanced by higher necklines such as a turtle neck.

Square face shapes are better accented with ruffled neck tops to define and add softness to the chin and jaw.







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What Face Creams You Should Use in Winter

ID-100223564In Winter, your face will need extra attention to keep it from getting dry.
Here is a simple tip to moisturize your face even more.

Some moisturizer’s work great for Spring and Summer, but you want to be more particular for the colder weather. Look for an oil based face cream over a water based cream. The oil based face cream will give you better protection and retain more moisture. You will probably see that you will find this already in many night creams.

When you are looking for an oil based cream the key word you are looking for is “non clogging”. You want to be on the hunt for oils, like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil.

Quick Tip – Apply your moisturizer then place a warm damp cloth over your face. Leave it on for a couple minutes and relax. The warm damp cloth will help set the moisturizer into your skin giving it even more hydration.


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Fight Acne With This Green Tea Homemade Recipe

ID-100155688There are many products out there for acne and I had a few friends growing up that used some of these products and they simply not do the job or made it worse. A natural cure for those pimples is something you may have in cupboard right now. Green Tea an effective all natural acne treatment.

It makes sense that Green Tea could handle the job of zapping those pimples away. It is a natural antibacterial and astringent. It is loaded with polyphenols and powerful antioxidants, giving green tea its acne fighting power.

You can drink your way to fighting acne with 3 cups a day. Boil water and add to cup. Put in a tea bag, let cool a few minutes and drink away. The caffeine content of green tea is less than half of the caffeine in a cup of black tea. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to use green tea supplements instead as they contain far less caffeine than brewed tea.

Use on your face as a mask: Steep Green Tea Bags for 20 minutes in a quart of water that has been boiled. Once cooled take a cotton ball with the liquid and dab of your pimples. Green Tea has been know to also treat Eczema, and Rosacea as well.

Give mother nature to have a shot at acne treatment which will be easy on the skin and beneficial for your health as well.

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Help Out A New Mom with These Extra Care Idea’s

newbornBeing a new Mom is a blessing beyond words. What many new moms have in common is focusing on the care for their newborn sometimes more then themselves. If you know a new mom and want to help out, here are some thoughtful ideas:

One thing new moms find out quick is how many diapers a baby can go through in a day. Making a gift of diapers not only at the baby shower but after the baby is born will come in handy and possibly save her an inconvenient trip to the store. Take an extra step and pull about 15 diapers from the package and write little notes on the back with a Sharpie marker. They could say things that are cute, meaningful or funny, and will be appreciated when Mom or Dad has the late night diaper duty…

** Put the writing high on the diaper so the ink does not go through.

Don’t worry, this is only temporary

I bet your thinking Potty Training

I’m a keeper

Appreciate it Mom (or Dad)

You know your new parents, so think of a few you could come up with to give them a chuckle.

Its Just Hormones

Some new moms experience skin irritation while their hormones are trying to balance out after pregnancy. Give a new mom some pampering with a jar of homemade skin scrub or a favorite from a store for sensitive skin.

For homemade mix:

1 Cup of fine sugar

1 Cup of Coconut or Almond Oil

2 Drops of her favorite fragrance like Lavender or Roses

Put scrub in a pretty jar or container with a lid that closes.

Time is Precious

Your time is valuable and even more so to a new mom who will appreciate you giving her 30 minutes an hour or more to baby sit when she is home or for a quick outing. Give a new mom a call and ask if she could use some time to herself, be it to go online, a much needed power nap, a run to the store, get a manicure or to simply cook up dinner, while you are watching the baby.

Speaking of Food

A new mom may not be up to cooking a homemade meal right away. Help her and Dad by making up a dinner ahead of time and taking it to them on this visit. If she is breastfeeding be sure to include foods with vitamin C. Moms who are breastfeeding need more vitamin C then when they were pregnant according to the Mayo Clinic. Include orange juice, or fresh oranges and lemons for lemonade or to cook with. Veggies also containing vitamin C are Broccoli, Red Bell Peppers, and Cauliflower.

A new mom will be celebrating Mothers Day for the first time. Mothers Day is on May 10th 2015, make her feel special with something just for her, a day at a spa, jewelry or include something she can use for the baby, like a new diaper bag, babies first year photo frame or a special photo session for her baby and daddy.

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DIY Easy Recipes for Lip Gloss

ID-10054942In Winter and Summer your lips can get chapped unless you protect them from the sun and wind. You can make up your own lip gloss and have ingredients on the ready for when you need more.

To make a yummy chocolate lip gloss – heat 1 TBS petroleum jelly with one chocolate chip in the microwave for about 20 seconds or until the chocolate chip is fully melted. Take out carefully and stir until the chocolate is all blended. Put into an empty cosmetic jar and let cool completely before use.

Want to make a fruity flavor lip gloss? Simply add a spoonful of any flavored drink mix to another tablespoon of petroleum jelly and heat for about 25-25 seconds, remove carefully and stir well. Let cool in an empty cosmetic jar before using.
Lip Glosses should keep for up to one month.

You can use more petroleum jelly if you want to make more, just adjust the chocolate or fruit drink to taste.

Great project for the family and would make fun gifts.

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Homemade Face Scrub With Green Tea Recipe

ID-100205425Green Tea is known for many benefits for your health and you can also use it for a homemade face scrub.
It is packed with compounds that protect the skin from free radicals and author Dawn Gallagher, Nature’s Beauty Secrets, say it can repair signs of aging.

Take 1 Green Tea Bag and steep it in 3/4 cup of water for 4 minutes, let it cool. Add 1 TBS sugar and Green Tea to a bowl and mix. Add another TBS sugar and 1 teaspoon honey and mix again. Spread over your face massaging in circles for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.


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