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Keep Healthy – Places You Can Pick Up Germs You May Not Have Thought Of

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ID-100192393Germs lead to colds, flu and food poisoning just to name a few of their pesky abilities. Ever feel like you just don’t feel good and think it must have been something you ate? Think again, think about where you hands have been. Everyday your hands are in places you don’t even realize that can be full of germs and make you sick.

It may not have been the food
Here are some things you may not realize you touch when you go out to a restaurant. Sure the dishes and silverware are run through a dishwasher, the tables are wiped down, but what about the salt and pepper shakers and other condiments that may be on the table such as a ketchup bottle… Most likely these are missed. Next time you reach for these condiments that have probably been picked up by many people before you, grab a wet napkin or if you carry disinfectant wipes go ahead and wipe down the bottle yourself.

Making a Deposit or Withdrawal
The ever so handy ATM machine is a culprit for carrying many germs. It is visited daily and depending on where you are located quite often day and night. It is like visiting a public computer and as soon as your fingers hit the keypad, you are now eligible for all kinds of germs. Try to use the touch screen as much as possible and use the eraser at the top of a pencil to lightly touch the screen for your transaction. If a pencil is not available, just touch the corner of your card to the screen. After your done, would not hurt to pull out the hand sanitizer and give your hands a good cleaning up.

Simple As Grabbing a Cart and Checking Out
The keypad awaiting you at the end of the cashiers line gets a ton of traffic and is a place for germs to hang out. Swipe your card, put in your password, cash back no cash back, your fingers are busy. Once the transaction is done you grab your cart and your on your way and possibly carrying germs that can make you sick. Double duty for hand sanitizer is needed.
Many places like Publix offer disinfectant wipes upon entering the store so you can wipe off the handle of the cart, good idea. Go ahead and grab one on the way out as well after giving your fingers a work out on the check out keypad.

Thanks I have a Pen
Stores, banks and other public places offer you a pen that is usually on the end of a short cord attached to the counter in case you don’t have one. Makes sense for business and is a courtesy. According to a University of Arizona study these public pens can harbor up to 2400 germs per square inch! Carry your own pen and maybe an extra to avoid the germs.

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