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Idaho Potatoes Get a Check Mark From The American Heart Association


ID-100165404The American Heart Association has declared that potatoes are a heart healthy source of food. I guess my grandmother knew what she was doing, because she served boiled potatoes for just about every supper.

Here are some healthy facts about the potato.

Potatoes contain more antioxidants then broccoli.

Rare Nutrients
They have rare nutrients called kukoamines which may help lower blood pressure.

Vitamin C
Not crazy about fruit? Grab a potato. One potato has 45% of the awesome fat burning and disease fighting Vitamin C.

Get Your Fiber
Don’t peel off the skin and you will get 7 grams of fiber from just on large potato.

If you are watching your diet, add a dollop of plain yogurt instead of sour cream or use a fat free version of either. Cut out the butter by adding olive oil or your favorite flavored oil and you could also add a spoonful or more of salsa for more flavor!

See here why Idaho Potatoes are are certified by the American Heart Association and have been given the Heart-Check Mark.

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3 thoughts on “Idaho Potatoes Get a Check Mark From The American Heart Association

  1. Potatoes are also a good source of potassium! A baked russet (average sized) with its skin contains 900ish mg of potassium, which is over double the amount in a banana. Potassium is a large player in heart health, and it is actually a common deficiency in the US.


  2. I just wish that they tasted better than they do! Pennsylvania potatoes have a much better flavor! 🙂


  3. Yayyy!! Potatoes are my favorite food and I’m so happy that I came across this article. It’ll justify my menus. Thanks.


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