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Pillow Talk — How to get your best night’s sleep.

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Pond Mountain Inn

ID-100302372Our guests have always remarked about their wonderful sleeping experience at Pond Mountain Inn and with recommendations from our guests, we have now moved to a four pillow configuration on all our beds. Our recent pillow investment did not undergo the rigorous analysis found in a recent Wall Street Journal (4/28) article titled, For a Good Night’s Sleep, Think More About Your Pillow, however, we made thoughtful choices based on the sleeping needs for the sophisticated traveler. Below are the article’s highlights.

Stuffed with stuffexplains the benefits of how your pillow should align the hip, back and neck to keep the spine as straight as possible.

Position MattersChoosing the best pillow by understanding the benefits of knowing if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper 

Cool it downFind out why coolness of your pillow is so important…

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