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Keep Healthy Tip – Why You Should Air Out The House

ID-10022963In the south we have the heat in the summer which means most homes are running the Air Conditioner 24/7. Winters up North mean most likely you are running your heat as much as the south runs their AC in the summer. With your home closed up for such a length of time, cooking odors, pet odors and more build up. A stuffy home can lead to colds, flu, potential headaches, allergy flare ups and more.

Here are some tips to help keep the air fresh and clean and cut down on illness.

Breath In The Fresh Air
When weather permits, pop open a few windows for a least 10 minutes and give the house a good airing. If its summer, do this in the morning when it is not so hot.

If you are a pet owner you know that dander has to exist in your home. For people that are allergic to animals, cats, dogs, are more likely to have reactions because of the dander. Dander is the shedding of old skin cells similar to humans with dandruff. It is very small and circulates in the air, clings to furniture, draperies and wall coverings. You can help keep down the dander with an air purifier and even the smaller ones can filter as much as 99% air in a small room. They also help keep up on mold and dust.

Green Plants Are Your Friend
Plants not only look fabulous in the home but also clean up the air by balancing the ozone levels. Eucalyptus plants minimize odors and gives out a refreshing odor. Try putting a stalk of this plant in your car and leave it for a day as a natural purifier for odors and help your car smell fresh.

Not Aerosol, Grab the Pump
Why use aerosol when just about everything now comes in a pump bottle. When an aerosol product goes into the air it can cause mild to moderate lung irritation, including asthma like symptoms.

Don’t Push the Dust Around
Keeping down the dust helps tremendously. Just by dusting with a damp cloth, you can get 93% more allergy particles then with a dry towel or feather duster. Tip: Always dust before you vacuum that way your cleaning up the dust instead of spreading it around.


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Keepping Healthy – Walk Off The Pounds

ID-10034790If you work at a computer or a job that requires a lot of sitting time and your noticing your putting on a few pounds, consider the lack of exercise you may be getting. It’s easy to get caught up in researching online, catching up on your email, or getting a project done and not realize the time just flies.

I know I can be guilty of skipping breakfast by getting involved with marketing and research that before I know it, I am so hungry and its well into the lunch hour. I do not believe in skipping meals to lose weight. I believe a balanced diet and exercise is healthy.

I totally believe in taking walks and have been doing this for years. I have noticed it helps me maintain my weight and at times have shed a few pounds. Not only do you get those awesome benefits from walking, but also you are giving your body the ability to produce oxygen rich blood for balancing appetite hormones and feel good endorphins.

The hot summer weather makes walking a bit harder with the heat and humidity, even sometimes unbearable in the evenings. I have invested in a treadmill for days like that and believe me it’s well worth it!

Tip: Go walking with your wife, husband, kids, a family member or friend. Its a great bonding time and a chance to talk in the busy lives we live in. I have a couple of friends who will give a call some evenings when the weather allows, and when I think, no I don’t feel like walking tonight, the call inspires me and I am glad I went.

Gabi over at ittybittypositivitycommittee commented that she uses an App called MapMyRun on her phone when she goes out walking to log her distance and time. Thanks Gabi!

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