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Painted Upholstered Chair Makeover With Chalk Paint Is Unbelievable! Paint has grown in popularity for all sorts of projects. My daughter did a makeover on a coffee table with the Anne Sloan chalk paint and it came out beautiful in only one afternoon. I looked up the paint to see what else you could use it for and came across this DIY on Pinterest by Nancy at and found out you can use this to re-do and upholstered chair, how clever!  She brought home an old chair and did a great job making it look brand new and gorgeous!

If you are thinking of a chair, table or another item in your home to use this paint for, check out Nancy’s step by step how she did the chair.

See how to use chalk paint on upholstered chairs here.

Thanks Nancy :} Artsy Chicks do Rule!



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Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Printable Banner by Sandy Toes and Popsicles

free-printable-valentines-day-bannerThis is Valentine’s Day banner is so cute and easy to make with card stock and ribbon. Jill over at created the banner with a conversation heart theme, has a free printable for the hearts and instructions for you to DIY.

Get the Banner instructions here

Thanks Jill!

Happy Valentines Day




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DIY Easy Recipes for Lip Gloss

ID-10054942In Winter and Summer your lips can get chapped unless you protect them from the sun and wind. You can make up your own lip gloss and have ingredients on the ready for when you need more.

To make a yummy chocolate lip gloss – heat 1 TBS petroleum jelly with one chocolate chip in the microwave for about 20 seconds or until the chocolate chip is fully melted. Take out carefully and stir until the chocolate is all blended. Put into an empty cosmetic jar and let cool completely before use.

Want to make a fruity flavor lip gloss? Simply add a spoonful of any flavored drink mix to another tablespoon of petroleum jelly and heat for about 25-25 seconds, remove carefully and stir well. Let cool in an empty cosmetic jar before using.
Lip Glosses should keep for up to one month.

You can use more petroleum jelly if you want to make more, just adjust the chocolate or fruit drink to taste.

Great project for the family and would make fun gifts.

Photo Courtesy of  Stuart Miles


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DIY Produce Storage Bins From Mother Earth News

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ID-100196322Need to make more storage in your kitchen? Mother Earth News has a great DIY idea for inexpensive and stackable produce storage bins.

They show you how to build storage bins from crates short and tall and even add casters to the bases  so you can move them anywhere you like.

Click Here to Learn How To Make These Storage Bins 

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