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What Face Creams You Should Use in Winter

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ID-100223564In Winter, your face will need extra attention to keep it from getting dry.
Here is a simple tip to moisturize your face even more.

Some moisturizer’s work great for Spring and Summer, but you want to be more particular for the colder weather. Look for an oil based face cream over a water based cream. The oil based face cream will give you better protection and retain more moisture. You will probably see that you will find this already in many night creams.

When you are looking for an oil based cream the key word you are looking for is “non clogging”. You want to be on the hunt for oils, like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil.

Quick Tip – Apply your moisturizer then place a warm damp cloth over your face. Leave it on for a couple minutes and relax. The warm damp cloth will help set the moisturizer into your skin giving it even more hydration.


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