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Find A Job That is Just Right For You

ID-10044204Is the field of work your in not doing so well in the job market? Are you looking for a different type of employment?
You may have more skills in other areas that you are missing out on. Think outside the box.

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Enter your skills and work history and find out what area’s you qualify for. They also offer what salary’s are available, training if needed and links to current job offers.


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Dress For Success – What Are You Wearing To Your Job Interview


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How To Prepare for a Job Interview

ID-100228001It’s not uncommon to get nervous going to a job interview and being prepared can help ease that. Learning as much as you can about the company and what is needed for the job offer can give you an advantage on the next person interviewing.

Here are a few tips that impressed me when I was hiring for a company.

Lombardi Time Arrival
Lombardi Time is phrase coined after Vince Lombardi, the famous Green Bay Packers coach. It means that you should show up 10-15 minutes early, or you will be considered late. When you arrive 15 minutes early, it not only shows responsibility and interest but also good manners. On time is better then late and you don’t want to open your interview with an excuse. First impressions matter, make yours work on arrival.

Hey I’m Over Here
Keep eye contact with the interviewer. If you feel uncomfortable, focus on looking between their eyes or just above their eyebrows. This shows them your interested and they have your attention. Don’t look at the ground, it shows lack of confidence.

Don’t I sound Enthused?
Enthusiasm goes along way with the conversation. If your on board and show interest the person interviewing you will be more likely to want to talk to you more and allow you to give more information about yourself.

Do Not Go Empty Headed
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! You know what your capable of and now is your time to shine. Study up on what the company is looking for and let them know how you can contribute to the company. Have a short list of questions for the interviewer as well. Taking out a pad of paper with your questions, shows you think ahead and want to do all you can do fill the position.

Make sure to also eat before the interview, grumbling stomachs make for awkwardness.

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Also See: Finding a Job That Is Just Right For You

Dress For Success – What Are You Wearing To Your Job Interview

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