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How To Throw a Fun Texas Hold’em Poker Game Party

ID-10057961Plan a Poker Party and make it a fun night even for beginners. Good food, friends and fun are what is in store with one of America’s favorite and easiest poker games, Texas Hold’em. Here are some tips to make it a great event.

The Week Before:
Send out invites by email, text or call up your girlfriends and get an RSVP so you know how many to set up for. Texas Hold’em is best played at tables of 6-9 people. Let your guests know you are going to be playing just for fun and only using chips.

Theme your party like a casino.
Red and Black are popular colors and just a few candles can help with that. You could also use red and black plates, napkins and utensils, the colors match the cards.

You could also decorate with the chips.  Take out a color you will not be using in the game and scatter them among the plates of food for a festive and colorful addition to your serving table.

A green felt tablecloth or cover at the game table will not only give it the casino feel it also keeps your table from getting scratched, keeps watermarks from drinks away and helps the cards stay put.

Setting Up
Pick a table where everyone can sit comfortably and not see each others cards. You can use your dining table or coffee table if you have more guest.

Atmosphere and Music
Bring in the casino atmosphere with songs like:
Texas Hold’em by David Cline
The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
Casino Royale Soundtrack

Good Eats
Leave out the fried greasy finger foods and serve instead, bite size sandwiches, kebobs with fruit or cheese and deli meats and olives.  Keep plenty of napkins on hand since your guest will also be handling the cards. Little cakes or cookies would be great for dessert.

For drinks you can serve alcohol or non alcohol or both. Put a punch together if are expecting a larger crowd to make it easier on you.

Review the Rules:
Make sure you know what the rules are and how to play the game. If you do have some beginners, maybe play the first couple of hands for fun so they can catch on. You can even print out a cheat sheet for each guest so they can refer to it during the game. You can get that Right Here!

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Salsa Texas Style Recipe

ID-10025622 cans Del Monte Diced Jalapeno & Onion Tomatoes…
Don’t Drain. (Regular diced or stewed tomatoes will work but they’re not as good)
½ white onion
2/3 Cup cilantro
1 clove garlic
2 jalapenos (remove seeds for less heat)
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
½ fresh squeezed lime juice
1 TBs olive oil
Salt to taste

Add above ingredients in a food processor just until chopped and put in a bowl and mix together until it is all completed through the processor.

Add the following ingredients to the salsa.
(These do not go in the food processor)

Avocado, chopped into small squares
1 15 oz. Can black beans, drained
1 small bag frozen Corn,
½ lb. Of Roma Tomatoes, coarsely chopped

Mix all together and chill for 1 hour.
Serve with Tortilla Chips

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