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How To Get More Miles Out Of Your Gas Tank

ID-100126260For the first time in years fuel prices have dropped! To save even more money on fuel, there are some things you can do to get even more millage for your dollar.

Smooth Driving
With the GPS system and places online like Google Maps and Map Quest you can pretty much pick a route of where you are going and it will show you where the traffic is heavy or if there is any traffic at all. Planning to go across town or further, check out your GPS or maps online with the address your going to from the place your at and see if the traffic is heavy. This will help you pick out a detour that may be shorter or even if its a bit longer you can still save money on the road. Better to be along your way then sitting in traffic using up fuel.

What lane do you drive in?
If your on a road with say three lanes, then you know that probably the right lane will be a stop and go for people turning off to the right, the braking and acceleration of slow down and speed up uses up more fuel. Passing someone even uses up more fuel. Try the middle lane and cruise until you have to be either the left or right lane.

No Phone Calls
Anything distracting you while driving is not good. Cell phones are just that, a distraction whether you have a head set or speaker phone. Many states ban cell phones and texting while driving and with good reason to safety. While they are a safely issue, the distraction while on the phone can also cause you to make a wrong turn, brake suddenly for not noticing traffic or the person in front of you stopping and driving faster then you should. This all adds up to more fuel being used.

Turn of The Air Conditioner
Air Conditioners eat up your fuel try not to use the air conditioner if you don’t have to. If you are starting out in the morning and the heat is not up to par yet, ride with the windows down.
When you reach your destination try to park in a place that provides shade so you can keep your car reasonably cool and your air conditioner wont have to cool off your hot car.
Once your car is cool, turn the AC down a notch or two.

Gas Prices can be more on the Weekends
Check gas prices on the news, online and especially during a holiday weekend coming up. Usually during a holiday weekend like gas prices can go up. Try to fill your tank a few days before to get the cheapest price. Your local news should give you updates on gas prices during the week for what is to come for the weekend.

If you know of a neighbor or co worker nearby you, offer to carpool. Going to the store, gym or to work, this is a good way to save on fuel.

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