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Quick Fix To Conquering Clutter

ID-10036003Clutter, were all guilty of it. Take a look at your breakfast or coffee table, what is on there right now that you don’t need. From kids backpacks, to last months issue of your favorite magazine, we all accumulate clutter in our busy lives.

Clean up can be easy if you do it in an organized fashion. Start small, one room at a time. Say you start in the living room or family room, where you and your family gather together the most. Grab a laundry basket, a box, or large container and a garbage bag.

Use the box/laundry basket for those thing you need to put in other rooms to sort out, mail, clothes, socks, books toys, etc. For the garbage bag, throw away things you know you will not use again, old newspapers etc. Once you have divided everything into your Put Away and Throw Away, your clutter is gone.

Raise your creativity by taking a few minutes to clean off your work area, it will make you feel more organized.

Tip: Old toys, books, magazine, video’s, games, clothes and more can be saved in a large storage container or a few storage containers in the garage or room you do not use very often for your next Yard Sale!

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How To Organize a Foodie Book Club

ID-100303170If your a foodie as I am, you love anything to do with food, recipes, cooking and eating delicious meals. There are many books on the market, memoirs, mysteries, humor and novels to name a few that are geared toward food lovers. A love for food, reading and great conversation can be shared with friends and family with your book club.

Get your book club going easily with these tips:

Get your Group together:

Contact family members, co-workers, friends and ask if they are interested. I am sure you know of a few people off the top of your head that like to read or cook, they should go at the top of your list. Invite at least 7-10 people to start.

First Meeting:

Your first meeting should be about picking a book everyone will enjoy. Have a list of at least 3 books available for your guest to choose from as too many books could get overwhelming. Once that book is chosen you can organize what day and time of the month is good for everyone for your first book review meeting. Let your friends know that you will be rotating meetings at each others homes and will put a list together along the way with more books to choose from.

Book Review Meeting

Have the first book review meeting at your home. Since your are the creator of this group, you should host. This is also a good way for your friends to see how you do it and be able to feel more comfortable for the next meeting if it is in their home. Send out a reminder of the day and time of the meeting a couple days ahead, and ask if anyone will not be able to attend. You will be serving food that is themed to the book, so getting a head count will help know how much to make. Arrange your furniture for conversation or set a table big enough to hold everyone.

Set aside at least 10 – 15  minutes at the beginning of this meeting for everyone to socialize a bit and then start to focus on the book. Explore the characters, the authors recipes, favorite parts of the book etc. The meeting should last about an hour and a half and you can serve the food as you are starting the review or after.

Theme your Dishes

Theme your dishes for the meeting to the book your reading. Try pulling out a recipe from the book and bring it to life for your group. If you cannot make the recipe, see if one of your members would like to give it a try.  No time to cook? Visit your local bakery, deli or hold your meeting at a restaurant geared toward that dish.

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