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Easter Bunny Shaped Rolls by Mom Always Finds Out

bunnyrollsI came across the recipe for these adorable Easter Bunny Shaped Rolls this morning and thought they would be a great idea to do for Easter Supper. Nicole from has recipe for these rolls that looks delicious but I am going what I have on hand that are store bought rolls that come frozen. They will set out hours before supper is ready to thaw and rise and then we will commence to make bunny rolls.

Here is the recipe and instructions

Happy Easter!



Have a Money Making Yard Sale With These Tips

ID-10034597I did many garage sales when my kids were growing up and was able to make extra money. Yard sales or as some call them, garage sales, can be fun and easier to do if planed ahead.

To get started, look around your home and see what you have. Are there things you have not used or thought about using in the past year. Are you going to use those things any time soon? Clothes, furniture, tools, toys, dishes, silverware, blender, books, cd’s, dvd’s etc. Go from room to room with a box or laundry basket and pick out your stuff to sell. Get them organized in piles and add your prices.

I found that putting a price on my items saved me from many people asking “how much is this”? Instead with a price in place I was asked “will you take less for this item”, or they simply gave me what it was priced for and I could concentrate on selling. I used labels where I could and cut poster board for signs for larger items or a bundle of things, like all cd’s are $1.oo.

If you have access to long tables they work well. The more uncluttered you are in the yard sale set up the better. I noticed that when I had thrown a bunch of clothes into a box the people would look into it, pick up a few pieces and then lose interest. So I ran a rope across my front porch outside and hung the clothes up on hangers. They sold well. The garage sale went down my entire driveway so people could walk and look as they wanted.

Once you are organized with your items for sale, makes signs and run an ad in the paper.

Show me your Sign
If your sign is sticking out about a foot off the ground and so tiny someone can’t read it when driving by with out stopping, you just missed out on a potential customer. Make your signs BIG. Use cardboard or poster board in white or bright colors. Write on the boards with a black marker.

Make it easy for anyone to read also by just putting in large words YARD SALE OR GARAGE SALE with your address underneath and an arrow —> to your street and put another one in front of your home pointing to your house. Go to couple of streets over and put one there with the arrow, so they can follow your signs.

Be specific as to what type of sale you are having. An Estate Sale or Moving Sale means your selling everything in the house or more then just items you would normally sell at a yard or garage sale. This could bring more people to the sale. The more you advertise the more the people will show up. Place ads online, bulletin boards, newspapers and even get the word out at your church and school.

Multi – Family Yard Sale!
I had two neighbors across the street from me that loved to do yard sales too, so when we ran the ad in the local paper, and split the cost of the ad in thirds. We also included in the ad that it was a 3 Family yard sale. Potential shoppers love this! They can go to 3 houses on the same street and it lets them know there is more to choose from.

Its An Early Bird Competition
We included in the newspaper ad the time the yard sale would open and close. If you put 8am for opening have your stuff ready to go by 7am. Collectors, antique seekers and bargain hunters check ads and map out where they are going for the day and they like to get their before anyone else. GPS systems help people to find your yard sale… Make sure your address is correct on the ad.

We ran our yard sales for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We found that the crowd that showed up on Friday were folks on their way to work,  some retired and people that also sold at flea markets and such, so they were looking for good deals. The ones on Saturday were more family oriented and on Sunday, folks who went to church showed up in the afternoon.

To Bargain or Not to Bargain
When we had our Multi- Family yard sales my two neighbors across the street were next door to each other. Cars were parked up and down the street on both sides. Every yard seller has their own method of selling and some better then others. The couple on one side, did not like to bargain. They put there stickers on there goods and some were about the same price you would pay in a store. The girl next door to them and I would bargain away, but not give away. If I had an item for two dollars and they offered one, I would take it. After all was said and done, the couple who did not like to bargain, ended up taking a majority of there stuff back into the house and grumbled how they did not make much money on the yard sale. My other neighbor and I had hardly anything to take back in and we made money.

Spring and Summer are great times for yard sales so get out there and have fun!

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Benefits of a Gravatar Profile for your WordPress Blog And How To Set It Up

logosmall copyA  Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar and you see an Avatar when you “Like” or “Comment” on a post/article someone has written. Some people have Avatars that are photo’s of themselves, their pets, etc, or a logo for their company giving that person their own identity on the web.

The benefit to having an Avatar is that you can set up a Gravatar profile (where your Avatar is created) and add links to your website, online store, WordPress blog and social sites like Twitter and Facebook. When your Gravatar profile is empty, you are losing readers for your blog, potential customers to your online store and not getting followers on social sites from this source.

When I see others who have liked or commented on a post I am interested in, or on my blog, I click on their Avatar to see what their blogs are about and if they have other idea’s say for gardening, cooking, recipes, crafts and more. When I open an Avatar and find no links or information and only a photo that does not include a domain name, I cannot visit their blog, Follow, Like or Comment or follow their social marketing sites. They are missing out on valuable traffic.

If you have not updated or created a Gravatar Profile follow the steps below. The next time you “Like” or “Comment” on an article you like, it may bring someone to your blog and interest.

Set Up Your Profile – Fill in the Blanks
Go to 

Click Here to See my Avatar for ideas.

Sign up with an email you use often and enter a password.

Follow the steps provided – start with your name then your Display Name – Mine is the name of my blog Maggies Mentions.

Then add some About Me information. This will be seen publicly. You can add as little or as much as you want.

Decide on a photo to upload and the site will automatically size it correctly. I have seen pictures of people, flowers, animals, do what inspires you.

Click on “Websites” and you will see two boxes. One is  for WordPress and the other is for a Website. Enter the links and they will automatically add them in.

Upload a Background you like or leave it as it is.

Contact Information is up to you. I prefer being contacted through my blog which will go to my email. If you have a business blog you will want to enter you contact information which can include a phone number and other sources.

Verified Services – is where you can enter your social media information. The site offers a drop down box and several social sites like Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Choose the social site you want and click “Add”. Another window will come up to authorize the site and add it. If you are not logged into the site, it will ask you to do so.

Since I did not see Pinterest on the list, I added it in using “Websites” option.

Click “Save” each time you make a change so it will be updated when you are done.


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My Garden – Preparing the Garden Bed

ID-10062334Last weekend we came into the month of March, which means that Spring is here and time to plant seeds in my garden. I am preparing the garden using the Permaculture method. (See Green Thumb Gardening – Discover Permaculture for more information on that.)
My son has been a great inspiration for this and helping me along the way. I have purchased my seeds and will be doing companion planting, plants that go well together and compliment the nutrients each offers to the garden. My daughter who does not really like gardening, came over to help out and did a great job :}

This type raised garden bed is considered a lasagna, layered, no-dig, no-till, square foot, type of gardening, mainly because you are not digging or tilling the soil, you are layering it like you would lasagna.




firstlayercardboard copyMy first layer my son tells me, is to lay down cardboard. I was concerned about the writing on some of the pieces, so I tore that off. The cardboard will offer carbon to the garden and as it deteriorates. Laying out the cardboard also gave me an idea of how big I wanted this garden bed to be and it is 5″ x 10″.






Secondlayersoil copyThe second layer is good natural black dirt mixed with mushroom compost 50/50. I do not want any pesticides or non organic fertilizes, I want the plants to grow as nature intends. That will be a journey of research in itself, but I am off to a good start.







Fourthlayerclippings copyThe third layer should be natural mulch from your yard, dried leaves, grass clippings, scraps of vegetables, fruits that you would put in the garbage anyway. I did not have much around the yard, but I gathered what I could and took a bit from my other garden, a tropical guild I started last year.







Fourthlayermulch copyThe fourth layer is 1″ high of all natural Cypress mulch. I put this on to make up for the lack of clippings.






Fifthlayersoil copyThe Fifth layer is adding the natural black dirt mixed with the mushroom compost again, adding a thick layer this time of 3″ high.







Sixthlayermulch copyThe final layer is adding the cypress wood mulch to top off the garden. This is also put on thick to about 3″ high.

Starting with the cardboard, each layer was watered down before the next layer was added, ending with watering the top layer.




Now that the garden bed is ready, this will be where I am going to plant my peas, green beans and flowers to start and then the Rainbow carrots, that I am really looking forward to growing.

Next post – Seeds Are Sprouting in the Raised Garden Bed

If you would like to take the journey with me, like this post and follow my blog.

Happy Gardening :}


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Crochet Pattern Daisy Flower Barefoot Sandals

daisysandalJust in time for Spring and Summer you can make these beautiful barefoot sandals in no time at all. They are delicate looking but durable with lovely white and yellow daisy flowers that are perfect for any occasions. With the straps you can make them for one size fits all tweens, teens and women going a bit shorter or longer for a custom fit. You will have these done up in no time at all for resale, yourself or to give as a gift.

Depending on the size hook and yarn you can make these smaller or larger.
This easy to follow pattern has step by step instructions and includes:
Material List
Photo’s of Sandals as you go along
Step by Step instructions

Pattern is written in English American terms and requires basic crochet knowledge.
You are welcome to sell the finished item.

Get The Pattern Here

Happy Crocheting!


Household Cleaners That Save You Money

ID-10093950Save money on household cleaners using natural products that you may already have in your home.

Have a plugged drain?
Unplugging a drain can get expensive with over the counter products or even more if you have to call in a plumber. Try this first: Snake the drain then add Baking soda and vinegar. Pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain. Then pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. This will cause a bubbling reaction like a mini volcano. Leave for 30 minutes then run hot water down the drain. If the clog is still stubborn, try again and it should do the trick for you. Make an investment in a good snake for unclogging pipes at hardware store.

Mold and Mildew Stains?
The one place in your home where mold and mildew can gather up fast is your bathroom and can also leave stains. Grab the peroxide. Add peroxide to a spray bottle and mark it peroxide. Spray on the mold and mildew stains and let sit for about an hour. Wash off with clean water.

Easily make Wood Furniture Shine
Shine up your wood furniture with Olive oil and lemon juice. These two ingredient together smell wonderful and do the job without chemicals. Olive oil is not only good for you and tastes great but add moisture and shine to the wood while the lemon juice goes after the dirt. Mix, 3 TBS Olive Oil and 1/2 tsp Lemon juice to a bowl. Mix well and rub into wood.

We love Candles and Air Fresheners, but they both contain chemicals that some people may have a reaction to and some contain up to 10 hazardous compounds. Make your home smell inviting with your own fresher in just minutes. Boil a couple cups of water and add a few cinnamon sticks. Let simmer for 20 minutes and turn off. Your home will smell delicious. Want a citrus smell, add lemons to the the water instead for a fresh smell.

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How To Get More Miles Out Of Your Gas Tank

ID-100126260For the first time in years fuel prices have dropped! To save even more money on fuel, there are some things you can do to get even more millage for your dollar.

Smooth Driving
With the GPS system and places online like Google Maps and Map Quest you can pretty much pick a route of where you are going and it will show you where the traffic is heavy or if there is any traffic at all. Planning to go across town or further, check out your GPS or maps online with the address your going to from the place your at and see if the traffic is heavy. This will help you pick out a detour that may be shorter or even if its a bit longer you can still save money on the road. Better to be along your way then sitting in traffic using up fuel.

What lane do you drive in?
If your on a road with say three lanes, then you know that probably the right lane will be a stop and go for people turning off to the right, the braking and acceleration of slow down and speed up uses up more fuel. Passing someone even uses up more fuel. Try the middle lane and cruise until you have to be either the left or right lane.

No Phone Calls
Anything distracting you while driving is not good. Cell phones are just that, a distraction whether you have a head set or speaker phone. Many states ban cell phones and texting while driving and with good reason to safety. While they are a safely issue, the distraction while on the phone can also cause you to make a wrong turn, brake suddenly for not noticing traffic or the person in front of you stopping and driving faster then you should. This all adds up to more fuel being used.

Turn of The Air Conditioner
Air Conditioners eat up your fuel try not to use the air conditioner if you don’t have to. If you are starting out in the morning and the heat is not up to par yet, ride with the windows down.
When you reach your destination try to park in a place that provides shade so you can keep your car reasonably cool and your air conditioner wont have to cool off your hot car.
Once your car is cool, turn the AC down a notch or two.

Gas Prices can be more on the Weekends
Check gas prices on the news, online and especially during a holiday weekend coming up. Usually during a holiday weekend like gas prices can go up. Try to fill your tank a few days before to get the cheapest price. Your local news should give you updates on gas prices during the week for what is to come for the weekend.

If you know of a neighbor or co worker nearby you, offer to carpool. Going to the store, gym or to work, this is a good way to save on fuel.

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