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Benefits of a Gravatar Profile for your WordPress Blog And How To Set It Up

logosmall copyA  Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar and you see an Avatar when you “Like” or “Comment” on a post/article someone has written. Some people have Avatars that are photo’s of themselves, their pets, etc, or a logo for their company giving that person their own identity on the web.

The benefit to having an Avatar is that you can set up a Gravatar profile (where your Avatar is created) and add links to your website, online store, WordPress blog and social sites like Twitter and Facebook. When your Gravatar profile is empty, you are losing readers for your blog, potential customers to your online store and not getting followers on social sites from this source.

When I see others who have liked or commented on a post I am interested in, or on my blog, I click on their Avatar to see what their blogs are about and if they have other idea’s say for gardening, cooking, recipes, crafts and more. When I open an Avatar and find no links or information and only a photo that does not include a domain name, I cannot visit their blog, Follow, Like or Comment or follow their social marketing sites. They are missing out on valuable traffic.

If you have not updated or created a Gravatar Profile follow the steps below. The next time you “Like” or “Comment” on an article you like, it may bring someone to your blog and interest.

Set Up Your Profile – Fill in the Blanks
Go to 

Click Here to See my Avatar for ideas.

Sign up with an email you use often and enter a password.

Follow the steps provided – start with your name then your Display Name – Mine is the name of my blog Maggies Mentions.

Then add some About Me information. This will be seen publicly. You can add as little or as much as you want.

Decide on a photo to upload and the site will automatically size it correctly. I have seen pictures of people, flowers, animals, do what inspires you.

Click on “Websites” and you will see two boxes. One is  for WordPress and the other is for a Website. Enter the links and they will automatically add them in.

Upload a Background you like or leave it as it is.

Contact Information is up to you. I prefer being contacted through my blog which will go to my email. If you have a business blog you will want to enter you contact information which can include a phone number and other sources.

Verified Services – is where you can enter your social media information. The site offers a drop down box and several social sites like Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Choose the social site you want and click “Add”. Another window will come up to authorize the site and add it. If you are not logged into the site, it will ask you to do so.

Since I did not see Pinterest on the list, I added it in using “Websites” option.

Click “Save” each time you make a change so it will be updated when you are done.


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6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Results by Social Media Examiner

ID-10064069If your marketing on Facebook, you know the rules change often and sometimes its hard to keep up.  The folks over at Social Media Examiner have a great article “6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Results” that may help you get better Facebook engagement.

The 6 tips apply to ‘optimizing your Facebook posting tactics” and are explained very well.

Include Properly Sized Images
Share Links the Right Way
Use Facebook Targeting Options
Include Calls to Action
Post at the Right Time
Keep Self-Promotion Light

While your over at check out their wide array of social marketing articles, podcasts, events, reports, updates you can receive via email and more.

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