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Enhance Your Garden With These Leftovers

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wateringcanfdGetting through the summer months with a garden can be challenging with the heat in Florida, but with these 3 leftovers your garden can thrive.

Banana Peels for Roses and Staghorns
Banana’s have what roses and Staghorns love, “potassium” and it is the number one ingredient found in rose fertilizer. Bury a few banana peels around your roses and watch for bigger blooms. Throw a banana peel on top of your Staghorn plant and it will stay healthy and grow. Banana peels are also good for keeping away aphid pests that can destroy your flowers and leaves on plants.

Charcoal from Your BBQ
Next time you BBQ, gather some of the leftover Charcoal ash and sprinkle on your garden soil. Charcoal acts as a filtration and drainage to help your plants contain more water in the hot summer months. It also will decrease the acidity in the soil, adding nourishment that strengthens the root system. I used this on roses before and had great results.

Used Coffee Grounds
This leftover creates what every garden needs, a nitrogen rich soil ”. Even though coffee is brown, it is considered “green” when it comes to composting and adding it to your garden. Worm bins also benefit from the grounds and they are good for attracting earth worms and deterring snails and slugs when sprinkled around a plant. They are good for fruit trees and berries because they are acidic and tomato plants love them because of the nitrogen provided. Coffee grounds can also be turned into Compost Tea, see how here. You can get free coffee grounds from Starbucks.


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