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Quick Fix To Conquering Clutter


ID-10036003Clutter, were all guilty of it. Take a look at your breakfast or coffee table, what is on there right now that you don’t need. From kids backpacks, to last months issue of your favorite magazine, we all accumulate clutter in our busy lives.

Clean up can be easy if you do it in an organized fashion. Start small, one room at a time. Say you start in the living room or family room, where you and your family gather together the most. Grab a laundry basket, a box, or large container and a garbage bag.

Use the box/laundry basket for those thing you need to put in other rooms to sort out, mail, clothes, socks, books toys, etc. For the garbage bag, throw away things you know you will not use again, old newspapers etc. Once you have divided everything into your Put Away and Throw Away, your clutter is gone.

Raise your creativity by taking a few minutes to clean off your work area, it will make you feel more organized.

Tip: Old toys, books, magazine, video’s, games, clothes and more can be saved in a large storage container or a few storage containers in the garage or room you do not use very often for your next Yard Sale!

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Author: Maggies Mentions

Mom of two who loves crafts, DIY, gardening and cooking. Finding ways to make life a bit easier and stress free to share and hopefully help someone else have a good day.

5 thoughts on “Quick Fix To Conquering Clutter

  1. Magazines are the worst offender in our house. They just stack up so quickly and make such a mess.


  2. That is a great idea! Thanks!


  3. oops, I just glanced at my coffee table, the house was tidy yesterday! Sharon x


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