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Seeds Are Sprouting In The Raised Garden Bed


greenbeaningardenbed2In my last gardening article, I wrote about Preparing my Garden Bed. Since then I have planted green beans, peas and marigolds. The green beans and peas will help to put nutrients and nitrogen into the soil, which will help the other plants when they start growing. I pushed back the mulch a bit, added a seed in each spot, watered and waited for the little spouts to come up.

Success! The Marigolds showed their little leaves above the surface within 3 days. The green beans and peas took about 8 days. (The photo is one of the green bean plants). I have seedlings started of tomatoes, sage, basil and cilantro doing their own growing until ready to get into the garden.

The Marigolds are an all time favorite of mine. First and foremost they are a hardy plant, and act as a natural pest control. They are easy to grow, drought resistant, give you back lots of seeds and beautiful! If you are growing a vegetable garden, they are a must have! Find out more Here.

Next Article – Seeds and Seedlings – Happy Gardening :}






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2 thoughts on “Seeds Are Sprouting In The Raised Garden Bed

  1. I can’t wait to put your advice to good use after I move and have my own garden!

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