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How To Host A Fun Board Game Party Night


ID-10043100Board games are great to play with a bunch of people. Set a night or afternoon aside and bring on the fun.

Get the Invites Out
Invite your guest through email or texting and ask them what their favorite board game is. Take a poll by their suggestions and narrow it down to a few games everyone will enjoy. Check out for emailing your guest with a fun invitation.

Get Game Space Ready
With most games you can up to eight players at a time or you could set up stations, tables with four at each game. You will have different games at each table. Once your players are seated put up a whiteboard or chalkboard with the game menu and players.

Fun Incentive
For the winners of the game have a grab bag ready with fun gifts that don’t cost a lot of money. Have the winner reach in and grab their gift such as a deck of cards, a game of Yahtzee, Uno etc.

Keep your game players energy up with make ahead food and drinks. You could have a buffet table with small sandwiches, appetizers and fruits. Have bowls of  pretzels, nuts, and chips available as well. Desserts need to be on this menu, make brownies, cookies or your favorite that is not to messy but will favor those with a sweet tooth. Make it easy on your self with plastic forks, spoons etc and paper plates and cups and plenty of napkins.

Get Your Game On
When choosing your games think of fun, brain teasers, silly, classic and new.

Trivia Pursuit
Scrabble or Scatttergories
Connect Four
Mental Floss

Make your party one to remember, Enjoy!

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Author: Maggies Mentions

Mom of two who loves crafts, DIY, gardening and cooking. Finding ways to make life a bit easier and stress free to share and hopefully help someone else have a good day.

2 thoughts on “How To Host A Fun Board Game Party Night

  1. Another couple introduced us to Katan. It’s the same game the guys play on the TV show Big Bang Theory… how I figured that out, I’m not sure. “Got wood?” We love getting together on the weekends to play. Great laughs. Love this post!


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