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Use Mirrors to Make a Room Appear Bigger and Brighten Your House

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ID-10021799Ever notice how one mirror can brighten up a room. They also can do double duty by making a room appear bigger.

If you have a small dining area and a flat wall even on one side, take down the pictures and add a large mirror. The reflection of the room around it makes it look bigger. You could also get a group of mirrors and fill the wall for an even bigger effect. I had a friend who took one foot by one foot mirror tiles and covered a wall in her dining room and it not only looked elegant but the small dining room was brighter and appeared bigger.

Even your entrance can be brighter by positioning a mirror by the front door on the wall or over a small stand/table. A great way to check yourself before leaving the house and just see how many of your guest do the same as they enter.

Put a mirror flat on a table and add lit candles to add a romantic effect.

Try putting some mirrors in different rooms of your house and see what works best for you.

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