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Money Savers – Free Sewing Patterns

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ID-10047770Personally I am not gifted with the art of sewing but I love fashion. I admire people that can sit down at a sewing machine and make a beautiful garment. I have taken patterns of a tops, dresses, suits and more to dressmakers and had them look just like the outfit I wanted, and even had a few dressmakers add their own creativity and make it better.

If you love to sew then you are going to love these three sites that offer free and paid for patterns that you can download for clothes, decor for your home and more. has hundreds sewing patterns and they are all FREE in standard sizes (S, M, L, XL) from clothes to apparel some patterns are FREE and you can buy there 20 top downloads for a small price! have copyright free downloadable patterns for a small price.

Photo Courtesy of Surachai


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Mom of two who loves crafts, DIY, gardening and cooking. Finding ways to make life a bit easier and stress free to share and hopefully help someone else have a good day.

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